How to build a Wordle with Flutter

Fernando Souto Gonzalez
3 min readJan 14, 2022

I saw last weekend some people sharing random squares on Twitter and I was thinking…

What is it?

My friend Camilo was one of the first ones

After researching a bit, I found a post explaining that this is a game called Wordle and it is a super awesome game.

Kudos for the dev.

You have to guess one word per day.

The idea of Having to enter one word per day is like the old times in the internet. The developer behind Wordle is not trying to push our limits to play like addicts and thats super nice.

This “one time” thing smells like internet before algorithms and social networks.

And after playing a couple of days I was wondering:

Can I build something similar in a small amount of hours with Flutter?

I push my limits to create the clon of Wordle in less than 4 hours with the awesome Flutter dev tools.

Wordle with Flutter
Wordle with Flutter

The game

I have a matrix of 5x6 for the colours and the characters and every time the user inputs a character with the virtual keyboard I put the character in the correct place.

The matrix

When the user reaches the end of the row then the user can DELETE a character or click ENTER to verify the current word. If the user decides to press ENTER then I execute the algorithm to verify the input vs the solution with the following code(maybe not the best one but I was rushed to complete the task):

Game algorithm to verify the solution

The rest of the code is for building the UI.

In the following code we are building the top part of the UI with the boxes that the user needs to input the characters.

User input boxes

For the keyboard I rebuilt a bit a library called virtual_keyboard_multi_language.

Its a simple column with 3 rows with some custom decoration to show the appearance of the Wordle keyboard, some arrays with the values for each position and thats it!

Virtual keyboard
Values of each element of the rows

If you didn’t try the original game yet. Please do it:

This is the source code of my small copy of the game:

I don’t want to copy the idea or have a commercial version of the game but I saw a guy that published into the app to Appstore the game without the permission of the original devs and that’s not nice.

All the credits of the idea for the original authors. Thanks :)