Risco Cero: Flutter tech to prevent STDs diseases and unintended pregnancy in young people

Fernando Souto Gonzalez
4 min readNov 23, 2021

I want to explain how I helped two doctors (Ana and Elvira) and a teacher (Angel) to build an app to show some important information about STDs and how to prevent unintended pregnancy in young people (the app is in Galician and Spanish but we are open to update the content to English or any other language if someone can help us).

This app is intended to young people (16+) that can have risky sex relations to prevent STD and also unintended pregnancy.

According to CDC, the STDs are rising and its important to help young people to understand how easy they can reduce the risk in their relations. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/p0413-stds.html

After iterating a lot with the content to show a brief summary of the info (the exercise to show medical info as in social networks was tremendous) the doctors ensure to show all the important topics (show a basic info was crucial to avoid misunderstandings).

We end up with a modern UI/UX solution made with Flutter 💙

Every app I can write with Dart/Flutter, I can enjoy more and more with this awesome framework. I think that the ability to iterate with every widget and try new innovate things is the path for modern mobile apps.

Risco Cero home screen

The proposal was to use swipe cards as in dating apps to show images as part of the information to keep in touch with the young audience. I have to give credit here to Dre and Fer for the imagery.

In the current roadmap is to launch web and other platforms reusing the current codebase as one of the main features of Flutter.

Morning after pill information

Another amazing feature of the app is a map with the nearest public points to get the morning after pill for free. This feature is only available with the centres of Galicia (Spain) but we are happy to update with other countries if some public organisation can provide the info to us.

Locations to get the morning after pill for free in Galicia

Another feature of the app is to show clear information on how to proceed if you think you can have an STD disease. As we said in the app the most important thing after reading this information is:

“Please, visit your doctor!!”

Information of STD diseases

Another amazing feature of the app is the Mythbuster. In this section of the app we fight agains fake news and myths so we explain some myths about risky sex relations. As you can see the Mythbuster is a doctor because the science is the only one that can answer this kind of questions.

This section is crucial. I love it.

Mythbuster screen to avoid fake news about STDs and contraception

The other feature of the app is a full list of contraception methods. The user can see all the information on how does it work, how to use it and as we say always:

“In case of doubts: visit your doctor!!”

Information about birth control methods
Male preservative detailed information

I am really happy that I could help a bit with this small tech piece because for me was really easy to implement this app with Flutter but I think this is a big step to reach all the young people with important information.

As Ana and Elvira said to me first time we met:

We worked for many years in this field but we don’t know how to reach the young people with new technologies

Feel free to share this app with all the people you know it can be helpful ❤️. We will share the repo in github to share all, in case someone wants to put more features into the app.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.riscocero.riscocero

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/risco-cero/id1596455382

Final note: We got a mention from the Ministry of Health of Spain in sharing good practices in the risky sex relations: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/organizacion/sns/planCalidadSNS/pdf/BBPP_2019/BBPP_SS_2019/Galicia_BBPP_SS.pdf